IPSI is the oldest national Pencak Silat organization in the world and the only national organization of Pencak Silat in Indonesia. IPSI was founded in Surakarta (Central Java) on May 18th, 1948. The founding fathers of IPSI are:

1. Wongsonegoro
Ketua Pusat Kebudayaan Kedu
2. Soeratno Sastroamidjojo
Sekretaris Pusat Kebudayaan Kedu
3. Marjoen Soedirohadiprodjo
4. Dr. Sahar
Pencak Sumatra
5. Soeria Atmadja Pencak Jawa Barat
6. Soeljohadikoesoemo
SH Madiun
7. Rachmad Soeronegoro
SH Madiun
8. Moenadji
SH Solo
9. Roeslan
SH Kediri
10. Roesdi Iman Soedjono
SH Kediri
11. S. Prodjosoemitro
Ketua PORI Bagian Pencak
12. Moh. Djoemali
13. Margono
SH Yogyakarta
14. Soemali
15. Karnandi
Kementerian Pembangunan dan Pemuda
16. Ali Marsaban Kebudayaan Kementerian Pendidikan, Pengajaran dan

The principle of IPSI is Pancasila, that is the state philosophical basis of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. The complete text of Pancasila is as follows :
1. Belief in the One Supreme of God.
2. Just and civilized humanity.
3. The union of Indonesia.
4. Democracy wisely led by the wisdom of deliberation / representatives.
5. Social justice for the whole people of Indonesia.

The life and the communication in the circle of IPSI are based on family, brotherhood, togetherness and solidarity spirit in the framework of the Indonesian national unity. IPSI is not affiliated, oriented and functioned in politics.

The founding of IPSI was based on 3 main goals, that is :
1. To unify and develop all perguruans Pencak Silat in Indonesia.
2. To perpetuate, develop and socialize Pencak Silat and its values.
3. To make Pencak Silat and its values as a means of nation and character building.

The activity scale of IPSI involves all areas of Indonesia. Members of IPSI consist of Pencak Silat perguruans declaring voluntarily to become members of IPSI and ready to conform their statutes and rules with the statutes and rules of IPSI. The amount of all members of IPSI are around 800 Pencak Silat perguruans, spread throughout the area of Indonesia and teach around 15 to 20 alirans (styles) of Pencak Silat.

The amount of perguruan dan aliran Pencak Silat in Indonesia is the biggest when it is compared with those in the other source countries of Pencak Silat, that is Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam. As such, Indonesia can be mentioned as the biggest source country of Pencak Silat.

Cimande and Silek Tuo (Minangkabau) styles are old and big Pencak Silat styles in Indonesia influencing many Pencak Silat styles taught in various Pencak Silat perguruans in Indonesia as well as in the other source country of Pencak Silat.

There are 10 perguruans which have qualification as historical perguruans or special members of Central IPSI. The names of those perguruans are :

1. Persaudaraan Setia Hati
2. Persaudaraan Setia Hati Terate
3. Perisai Diri
4. Perisai Putih
5. Tapak Suci
6. Phashadja Mataram
7. Perguruan Pencak Indonesia Harimurti / PERPI Harimurti
8. Persatuan Pencak Seluruh Indonesia / PPSI
9. Putra Betawi
10. Nusantara (Jakarta).

IPSI has boards in central or national echelon, and in the province, district and subdistrict echelons, the each name of which is Central Board, Area Board, Branch Board and Twig Board of IPSI. The office tenure or working period of the boards of IPSI is 4 years.
The highest institution for IPSI and its whole members is the National Assembly (Congress) of IPSI. This assembly is arranged once in 4 years. Participants of this assembly are the delegates or representatives of the Central Board of IPSI and the 32 Area Boards of IPSI and the representatives of the ten historical perguruans which are special members of Central IPSI.
The code of conduct of the Indonesian Pencak Silat man, called pesilat of Indonesia, determined by the National Assembly of IPSI, is “Prasetya Pesilat Indonesia”, meaning promise declaration of the pesilat of Indonesia to himself. This code of conduct consists of seven points of promise, the complete text of which is as follows :

Prasetya Pesilat Indonesia
1. We, pesilat of Indonesia, are citizens who devote to The One Supreme God and have noble mind and character.
2. We, pesilat of Indonesia, are citizens who defend and put into practice Pancasila and the Basic Law of 1945.
3. We, pesilat of Indonesia, are patriots who love the nation and fatherland of Indonesia.
4. We, pesilat of Indonesia, are patriots who hold in high esteem brotherhood and the union of the nation.
5. We, pesilat of Indonesia, are patriots who always pursue the progress and have Indonesian personality.
6. We, pesilat of Indonesia, are knights who always uphold truth, honesty and justice.
7. We, pesilat of Indonesia, are knights who are test-proof in facing any ordeal and temptation.

Since 1948 until 2005, in national scale, IPSI was led by 4 Presidents of the Central Board of IPSI, that is Wongsonegoro (1948-1973), Tjokropranolo (1973-1981), Eddie M. Nalapraya (1981-2003), and Prabowo Subianto (since July 4th , 2003).

The address of CB IPSI is : Padepokan Pencak Silat Indonesia, Jl. Taman Mini I, Jakarta 13560, telepon / fax : 021-8413815 / 021-8416214.


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